I am having trouble with registering online

Email us at firlestakeapyw@gmail.com or use our contact form and we can help you


Who can attend  the Adelaide Firle Stake Trek in 2021



Can youth from outside of Firle stake or overseas attend Firle Stake trek 2021



Can non-members attend Trek 

Yes. Non-members are welcome to attend the Firle Stake Trek with the permission of a parent/guardian and approval from the appropriate ward leader. Please have them register online and then send an email to firlestakeapyw@gmail.com after registering with details about you and your non member friend. It is expected that all participants follow the Trek standards and guidelines for the duration of Trek


Do youth including non member friends need to be interviewed before attending Trek

No but ward leaders may feel that individual or group discussions are needed prior to trek. The registration form will require medical and media release approval from the registered youth parent/guardian along with permission from the bishop of the ward nominated on the registration form. Without this approval no online registration will be processed. 

Why should I register for Trek next year



How much does it cost each youth to attend Trek 



When will registrations close and what happens if I register after this date

Due to logistical, inventory and transportation planning we would like to have all registration forms submitted no later than Sunday 07th March 2021. Any registration forms received after this date will need further consideration before approval can be granted


What dress standards are applicable at Trek



What do I need to bring on Trek 



Will I have access to medical treatment while on Trek

Yes. A number of Trek staff who are medically trained and have experience through professional employment will be available during the duration of Trek. The location of Trek is also within a driveable distance to Renmark Hospital in the case of emergency. 

It is important that the parent/guardian of each youth understand the medical release form as part of the registration process as this information is important for your safety and to those who may need to assist you during trek.

Please indicate as requried any medications you take, how these need to be stored, how severe your condition is and whether you self-medicate as required. As part of the registration process, additional information may need to be validated and if required the parent/guardian will be contacted to discuss this further.

All registration forms MUST clearly state the following information;

- Any special dietary needs

- Any allergies

- Any medical needs

- Any special medication


Can I bring my mobile phone or other electronic devices on Trek

No electronic devices are not to be brought on trek. Devices can be distracting and an interruption to the prupose of trek. All parent/guardians of youth will be able to contact you in the case of an emergency through planned channels of communication 


What if I need to contact my child on Trek



Why should I register for Trek next year