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Permission and Medical Release Form

I give permission for my child/youth to participate in the Firle Stake Trek 2021 and authorize those adult leaders supervising this event to administer emergency treatment to the named participant for any accident or illness in approving necessary medical care. This authorisation shall cover this event and including all required transportation to and from Calperum Station, South Australia

The participant is responsible for his/her own conduct and is aware of and agrees to abide by Church standards, trek and Calperum station safety rules and other pertinent instructions. Participants' conduct and interactions should abide by Church standards and exemplify Christlike behavior. 

Parental Media Recording Release Form

I consent and agree that for the duration of this event and any associated events and person(s) authorised by the Firle Stake APYW committee to record the event in photographs or video, has the right to take photographs, video tape recordings or digital records of the below named participant. 

I authorize the use of any such recording in any and all media, exclusively for the purpose of promoting Firle Stake Youth activities. 

I understand that there will be no financial or other remuneration for record the below named participant, either for initial or subsequent transmission or play back.